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Advantage Educational Programs

"Give your student     The Advantage"


Dedicated to giving your 

college-bound student "The Advantage"

Advantage Educational Programs is an educational consulting service created to help high school students gain admission to the colleges and universities of their choice.  The Advantage provides comprehensive college prep courses to high school students who are preparing to take the ACT college admissions exam.  The Advantage's highly qualified teachers provide rigorous classroom instruction that covers all subject matter necessary to ensure the best possible test results.

Advantage Educational Programs was founded in1988 by Gary F. Campbell and Jerri Ann Moore.  In 1984, Gary was the director of an educational consulting service in private and public high schools throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  While working with students to help them improve their reading and study skills, he became aware of the need for a low-cost, high quality program that would prepare students for the ACT college entrance exam.  Advantage Educational Programs was created to fill that void.

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